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Go Green with South-View Electric!
South-View Electric Inc. has gone green with our Home Automation and Solar Energy initiatives!  These are certainly exciting times!

We have invested ourselves in this global initiative, in keeping up with the times and the newest of technologies, we have obtained the necessary education and certification(s) in order to bring these wonderful products and services to our customers.

We have sought out and partnered up with companies which we believe are leaders in their respective industries.

LEVITON - Vizia RF + / Wireless Home Constrols 
The Visia RF + family captures the essence of "smart" lighting control with its embedded Z-Wave radio frequency technology and stylish new form factor that is compatible with Leviton's hallmark Decora design.  Vizia RF + complements Vizia + standard dimmers and switches, expanding functionality to feature wireless communication, 2-way control, scene and zone control, and remote control operation.  Vizia RF + allows homeowners to program and control lighting, household appliances and electroncis with the touch of a remote.  Z-Wave technology effectively transforms any component - switches, lighting controls, thermostats, appliances and more - into an intelligent device that can be wirelessly controlled and monitored.  You can start small with Vizia RF + in one location and easily expand into multiple rooms and outdoors.  Best of all, you can automate your home without new wires by ugprading your standard wall dimmers and switches with intelligent Vizia RF + components.

The Vizia RF + home automation system is ideal for both retrofit and new construction in all types of residences, from single family and townhouse to multiple-unit high-rise, the breadth, functionality and beauty of the Vizia RF + collection addresses the performance and aesthetic expectations of professionals and homeowners.  And, most rewarding, the Vizia RF + collection delivers the reliability and performance of a high-end custom lighting and control system at a moderate cost.  The all-digital design of Vizia RF +, coupled with an elegantly simple user interface, results in an exceptionally intuitive, easy-to-operate control.  The collection is completely compatible with DecoraPlus screwless and standard wall plates.  The end result; a family of lighting controls that provides a touch of class as well as energy savings.

Green Choice - Lighting Control Upgrade Featuring Vizia RF +®

Problem: Lighting that can’t be dimmed wastes energy
Solution: Eco-friendly wireless lighting controls 

Say Hello to Energy Saving Dimmers and More
Go for greener living with Vizia RF + wireless devices and enjoy energy savings, convenience and style. Did you know that simply replacing switches with Energy Save Mode dimmers will reduce your home’s lighting energy consumption? An incandescent bulb set at 50% brightness will use 40% less energy and emit a warm, attractive glow. Even if you set a dimmer at 90%, you’d receive a 10% energy payback. As an added bonus, you’d extend the life of your light bulbs up to 10 times and longer – important to consider if you have cathedral ceilings with lights that need changing.

Scheduled Preset Feature Saves Energy Instantly
Big energy drains like porch and yard lighting typically use higher wattage circuits that burn over 8 hours each night. Schedule them to operate normally for a few hours nightly, then schedule them to dim for the remainder of the night. That way, there is still lighting for security, but less energy is consumed. Dimming is one of many energy-wise advantages of the Vizia RF + wireless upgrade, which includes scene and zone controllers and heldheld programmer/timers.

Solution Benefits

Save energy by reducing power consumption
Works with dimmable CFL bulbs
Energy Save Mode extends bulb life
Speaks Z-Wave®
Adds value to your home
Installs in most new or previously owned homes

Visit the Home Automation page at www.leviton.com for more information

Solar Energy

Solar Advantages in Canadian Climates and Northern Latitudes

Here's a simple suggestion for solar PV that seems to work best in northern climates; solar PV in Canada is often more efficient than PV in Arizona because in hot places (like 90-100 Deg F) the panels are less efficient and do not reach full RATED output power . . . and in cold "snow covered" locations with full sun the reflections off the snow can add quite a bit more energy than off desert scrub. As a result PV solar panels in cold climates can exceed 110% of their rated power. In northern climates there is a wide variation between the optimum summer and winter solar angles and PV arrays can benefit a fair bit from changing their elevation angle from summer to winter . . unlike say Florida where the sun never gets very low to the horizon at noon like it does in much of Canada during the winter months. So a simple 6 ft pedestal mount rather than roof mount offers a number of advantages.

1. You can easily tilt the panels to a higher angle for winter and it provides easy and cheaper, installation and maintenance access, without climbing ladders and taking "roof risks".
2. Fewer, shorter wire runs are required to reach the combiner box which is then more accessible.
3. You can easily brush off a leaf or some light snow or frost with a broom, that's impractical or impossible to do on a roof. Also snow generally slides off if they are set to an optimum winter angle of 65 or 70 degrees. Even a single leaf on one panel in an array can reduce current flow by 20-30% or more in the whole array. Remember a PV panel is a series circuit, like a garden hose. Kink the hose and the flow is seriously reduced.

4. If you make a simple azimuth lock on the array you can easily point the array to take full advantage of afternoon sun when it's been cloudy all morning . . without having to invest $4000 in an active tracking mount. Proper "Top-of-Pole" mounts are Universal and accept most panels you choose, but I'd say that is the "PREFERRED INSTALL METHOD" in Canada and the extra performance is well worth it. It's a useful option that's easy to build into any northern installation.

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